Happiness Is a Choice: You Either Live With It or You Suffer Without It! Are You Happy Every Day?

Be Happy Everyday

Happiness Is a Choice: You Either Live With It or You Suffer Without It!
Are You Happy Every Day?

A high percentage of people are not happy for their own reasons
Many smiles are there to please others and not themselves
Why are so many people not fully happy?
Decide for yourself and take your life to another level
It seems that many don’t want life’s satisfaction
Are you one to say that if you don’t have enough of something you are not happy?

If yes…

Here’s the thing that you need to understand about life
If you want to be rich, both inside and out

Be happy
Keep smiling

Live well

Laugh everyday
Love one another

Help one another

Be completely you
Know who you really are (not what you do in life)
Love yourself

Choose to have faith in God and know He is there to guide you every step of the way

He is your Source

As a whole it means you can be happy when you want to be

You just need to choose to be



Marital status…


Life situations…

Do these things make you happy or unhappy?

Why is it that only 10% of people are happier when they get married?
What a low percentage!

Many have increased hardships that are not dealt with

Therefore hardships keep on occurring and accumulating

And without dealing with them

Nothing will get better

And will probably get worse

Do you really think if you were younger you’d be happier?

If you were healthy you’d be happier?

If you made more money you’d be happier?

See what people need to understand is

… yes…

Being healthier will make you happier

Feeling and looking younger will make you happier

More money will make you happier

Remember that

Happiness will help you healthier

It will make you feel and look younger

More money will come in that you can handle

You’ll be rich inside and out

You can have all this and more!

Understand that You are here on earth to live like a king or queen on your own throne

You are not here on earth to worry, stress and suffer

Which Do You Choose?

Do you have positive thoughts that you bring forth to your everyday?

Do you spend your time worrying and stressing on what you are worried and stressed about?

Did you know happy people succeed a lot more than those who take the decision of not being happy?

Which Do You Choose?

Being happy everyday will bring you many benefits

Like a longer life span

Feeling more than amazing every moment of everyday no matter what comes around you

More good people around you

Great relationship’s with family and friends

A more than great relationship with God

And most important of all YOU ARE HAPPY EVERYDAY!

When you are Happy

You are shining

Your smiles are constant

Your passion of life comes through when people see you or hear your voice

Make your decision today to be completely happy no matter what

It’s all in your hands

It’s all your choice

It’s completely a decision you must make for yourself

Feel great about who you are

Don’t stress yourself because of a so-called ‘problem’ or financial situation

Take your decision today!

What I do at “Empowering You and Your Network Everyday” at www.nancybaki.com is what makes me happy, strengthens and drives my passion high

Inspiring you, Inspires me

It’s what keeps me smiling every day

Many of my posts in my Social Medias are messages to help and remind you

About everyday happiness

How to better daily life situations

Daily quotes How to brand yourself

Tips on business & personal development

Tips on better teaching methods


Free trainings

My blogs

Auto responders

Social media

Better financial situations

How to save money, etc.

THIS is what makes me happy every day!

What makes you happy every day?

Do you know your ‘why’?

Find out your ‘why’ in life to get you to a closer step to your everyday smiles and happiness

Design your happiness now, don’t procrastinate and wait.

The more you smile

The more you will see a new you

You’ll be an electrifying happiness magnet

Here’s something you can do

Don’t complain for 24 hours

No excuses

And no buts about it

Don’t try it, Do it!

You’ll magically be surprised on your own strengths

Your body and mind play such an important role in your life

Take charge of your life

It’s all in your hands

Take it one day at a time

Remember that happiness is a choice, you either live with it or you suffer without it.


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