Are You Already in Business?



This is wonderful! You are already in business, Welcome!


Here is how I can help you. We always start with a welcome phone call, we can introduce ourselves, I can learn what Business needs you have and where you’d like to take it.

Many businesses are in many different positions.

Most important, ARE YOU READY to tackle new goals and objectives and work with your mission and vision?


Are there thing you:

“Don’t do”?

“Cannot do”?

“Do not have the time to do it”?

Are you Ready to Plan your Next Level of Performance?

Are you Ready to Master Yourself?

Are you Ready to Increase your Profits?

Are you Ready to See Clearer?

Are you Ready to Clarify Your Plan?

Are you Ready to Clarify Your Strategies?

Are you Ready to Get Closer to the Road of more Success?




Let me know where you are at right now, what Your Mission is and where you would like to be in the next 5 years (Your Vision) and we will be off to a great successful start.

My objective is to help guide & support you to accomplish and reach your goals and objectives faster than you are doing it right now.

I do have Strategic Partners that I work with that I more than trust. I also have a large network with many different business owners that offer great services throughout the relationships.


Some of my Strategic Partners:



1- You would like to fix your own website or create a new one yourself (importance of a blog with quality content, (addition of videos if possible Google loves! ) for organic traffic and the RIGHT keywords- easier than you think) because of LOW BUDGET.  I have the PERFECT SYSTEM with an incredible community that is always willing help you succeed online. You can try it for  FREE for 7 days right here (You don’t even have to put your credit card number). If you like it you will get the chance of getting almost 60% off for your next 30 days at 19$, then you’ll pay full price 47$ monthly…It’s worth every dollar!

TIPS: Start your 7 FREE days when you know you will have the time to look at it, start with the GREEN button “START HERE”, and follow all the steps. Ask me any questions to help you advance and succeed with your website.


2- YOU HAVE NO TIME, you have a budget and have needs in your website, SEO, Social Media, any marketing and promotional needs, maybe you do not have anyone to look at your ads that haven’t changed for years, you want to add a mobile site, change your branding, actually what ever is needed in a business.

I work closely with TakTik Communications, a Large Firm situated at 5532 St Patrick (By going through me you have better pricing than calling on your own, reason is it is more personal and you will have my cel number not only the company phone number) as well most important, having a contact to be able to get what you need when you need is always needed.


Click here to look at their services:


Taktik Services

Click here to look at their portfolio…FYI when you look at the fox, he is standing on a type of menu, every line under him are different items such as business cards, website creations, current website visibility online, portfolios, viral marketing, promotional needs, development of presentation and selling tools, visual material, packaging, customization and marketing deployment, personalized corporate gifts, book printing and tools, logo design, branding, and so much more.

Taktik Portfolio




If you know what your needs are please fill this up and I will contact you:

3- For Your Loan Needs:

If you are looking for Business Financing for up to 300,000$

Link coming soon…




As YOUR BUSINESS COACH we will look deeply with what You:

Don’t do

Cannot do

Do not have the time to do

Need help with

Need a clearer path


We will have our weekly meetings, ensure you are on the right track, ensure your team is on the right track, ensure your daily and weekly goals are met, and so much more.  Please take the time to watch my YouTube video of what I can offer you as a Business coach, what a Business Coach is and how you can achieve extraordinary results and WIN EVERY TIME!

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Here are a few main challenges and issues business I have worked with were dealing with and we look at together, just to name a few:

It’s about seeing what your mission and vision it, what your business is doing and not doing, what is missing, what you can strengthen, what you can better, how you can better it, how your website is, is there enough traffic coming to your site, what else you do online, if you are still doing things old school and want to go to newer and more recent ways, your social media, are you using a CRM, promotions you do, your sales departments, or other departments, etc.  There are so many different things a company can do to get to the next step. By booking a meeting together you’ll see how I can help you maximize the companies potential and win!

If you’d like to book a free first session together, email me at with your name, best contact number, best time to reach you and a paragraph explaining where you are in life and business and where you would like to be. ( I will respond to you within 24hours).