My Vision Of Life & Business

Empower, Empower You, Empower Your Network, Nancy Baki, Never Give Up
Empowering Yourself Everyday is Important! Never Give Up! That’s Only For Those That Don’t Think They Can Make It! Get to the top of every step, and if you fall, get back up again and never give up!


I know that Our… Life is so precious. Life is so rich. Life is so full of many gifts, we just have to be open up and receive it. Life is beautiful. Life is an incredible journey. Life is full of surprises. Life is what we make it.

Life isn’t simple, but work on you everyday and it will get easier. Life is indeed difficult (if it was simple then we would never grow nor learn from our mistakes) but if you never give up you will get to where you you want to go.

The purpose of life is to fight maturity (quote by: Dick Werthimer) I thought this was a brilliant quote because as we grow up we are maturing; and as the bibile says, we are to take every day and help others, be worry and stress free and we will be given the ways to enjoy life to the fullest. Yes I do read the Bible. It is a great way to lead the right path in my life and yours.  It has taught me to live life happily, smile everyday,  living with no worry,  no anger, no stress, breath everyday instead of carrying all my luggage, have a lot of courage, great parenting skills, great care & loving skills and a lot more. It has even helped me help others raise for fundraisers, getting out of alcoholism, drugs and abuse, and have helped many with their everyday troubles and pains. I’ve even helped those who are enjoying life (and many not) but need that path on what next step to take in their business or personal goals.


Look. Listen. Choose. Act.


Look Listen Choose Act, Look, Listen, Choose, Act, succed in life, Nancy Baki
Look. Listen. Choose. Act.  Things You Need to Succeed in Life Everyday!


And as I was growing up I was always reminded…. Act, Don’t React!

Try it 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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