Rules of Life and Business 21/50: Be Thankful Everyday

Rules of Life and Business 21/50:
Be Thankful for what you have everyday,

Appreciate the gift of life everyday

Accept gratitude with ease and

Pray for all everyday.
Do you do these 4 everyday?

Sometimes in life or in business we forget that we have everything right under our noses… we just don’t see it.

By doing these 4 things, we will not only see these opportunities a lot more, we will appreciate it more.

Why don’t you start by starting?

If you never did these 4 things, start with one. Then two. Then three. Then all 4.

You will see how your life will shift. 

If you believe in yourself, I surely believe in you, so do believe that you can be and do whatever you please.

I will share with you many ways you can do this.

Being thankful for what you have everyday is important because you got to where you are today, didn’t you?

Do you have a gratitude list?

Start making one.

On paper.

Write it down.

Take some time today to do this. If it doesn’t come up right away in your mind, still give thanks for all.

We have so much to be thankful for. Sometimes we are so used to having it everyday that it’s a habit that we take for granted.

Think about it… some people don’t even have water in this world.

We have A LOT MORE THAN JUST WATER!!!! We can do so much with water…. from watering the garden, to the kids playing water slides, to drinking as much water as we want. Some people in this world can’t even have a glass of water when they choose to or they have to walk miles to get water to drink, cook with and shower.

We take things in life for granted because we have it a lot that others wish and hope had.
So why not be thankful for all that we have?

As a Christian, and having a true relationship with God, my belief is all I have is God’s; So I share the knowledge to you that being thankful is important for now and our future.

Ephesians 5:20

Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Here are some other examples:

-your health

-your home

-your marriage

-your family

-your friends

-that you have Internet

-that you have a car

-that you have a company

-that you have a job

-that you have electricity and water

-that your thankful for LOVE and GRACE….. that’s my favorite one 😉

Aren’t you thankful for some of these… maybe even all of these??

These are just a few….

There are millions of things you can be thankful for.

Write a minimum of 10. Shouldn’t be that hard 😉

I know you can do it 😉


Here’s another one that many forget….. SAYING THANK YOU TO OTHERS.

If someone opens a door for you or someone calls you to wish you a great day or a happy birthday, or someone coming over to help you or someone who comes to be your friend when in pain or happy, SAY THANK YOU!!

Someone is taking the time to help you do something, they really don’t have to do … THEY WANT TO BE THERE WITH YOU.

So the least thing that we can do is appreciate it…

Do you actually appreciate the gift of being alive and having a life?

It’s a big part where by appreciating life, YOU ARE:

Of course being thankful everyday…


-taking care of your body… eating well, exercising, being in shape

-appreciate that you have a car, many do not.

-also that You Are Alive!!

-appreciate that we can do what many can’t…
Every morning appreciate and be thankful that you have woken up.

Some do not wake up.

It’s a gift.

Appreciate your gift of life.

Life may be full of ups and downs. But that is life! So YOU must do something about it to enjoy it.

You decide to be happy, sad, angry, worried and stress. If you spend time with these it will take your good energy away  it’s YOUR choice

Again this applies to business too. If there’s something in your business that you are not doing well in or it’s not working out or it needs advancing… do something about it.

As a business owner, if you need more Sales… do something about it. If you don’t know where to start, hire a business coach. (Email me… I’ll help you and your business grow!)

Just don’t get yourself get used to or attached to one or the other. You have to create the right mindset and attitude to have a balance of both the ups and the downs, knowing how to control yourself, react to situations and act to situations. You decide. Only you can make the decision to do it and take action.

One thing I find people forget to do…

The little important things are something we seem to forget.

We find excuses that we don’t have time, we don’t have money, we don’t have….

Why focus on what you don’t have???

Take the time to do something for you. Something that you haven’t done in a long time. Take your time with it. Do it slowly. Do not rush it for any reason. Enjoy it. 

-read a book

-read a book with your child

-watch a movie

-take a walk

-go out for dinner with a friend
There are so many things you can choose from…
It’s all up to you to choose…

What have you chosen to do?

Appreciate that in life you are able to do what you want and able to do. Meaning… if you have no arms you can’t play the piano with your hands… but if you want to be creative you can play the piano with your feet!!!! I’ve seen it!!!!! It’s crazy!!! And let me tell you… amazing piano player…. I played for 13 years…. he played better that anyone I’ve seen!



Don’t forget.

Appreciate your gift of life.

Do you accept Gratitude with ease?

Ok so let’s start with you.

Do you accept yourself the way you are?

Do you respect yourself for who you are?

Appreciating others starts with appreciating yourself. 

If you do not appreciate yourself…. you can’t appreciate appreciation TRUTHFULLY!
So here’s a trick in life…

If you have something in your life that you are not content with, you need to DO SOMETHING TO GET IT DONE.

For example your weight.

You want to loose 30lbs.

If you sit watching tv and you snack on chips and cookies all day…. guess what…. your NOT going to start loosing weight.

Actually you’ll gain!

If you REALLY want to loose weight, you’ll do things to help you loose weight. You’ll eat better by cutting out all the junk foods and adding fruits and veggies, you’ll exercise…. even if you start slowly… YOU STARTED! You can even get a coach to help you so that your not doing it all on your own, you have someone to guide you, someone to hold you accountable, someone to not be shy to tell you the truth to get you to your goals and objectives.


Another example:

You want a girlfriend or boyfriend and or you feel lonely.

If you don’t start with taking care and loving YOU, you’ll stay being lonely, even if you start a relationship, it won’t be what you really want.

Take care of YOU FIRST, then you’ll be able to ACCEPT GRATITUDE FROM OTHERS.

Don’t forget to say thank you.

People more than appreciate it.

Be happy and always keep a smile.

You’d be surprised how it can also make you feel reallllllyyyyy good.

That smile and thank you that you have to the other person may have been the first smile and thank you they got in a long time.

So moral of the story… 2 people are now happier.

Do you Pray everyday for all that you have?

Wow this one is powerful.

Start and finish your day with a prayer.

I even sometimes pray during the day.

I pray that I get somewhere safely.

I pray that my daughter has a great day at school.

I pray that my parents stay healthy.

I pray for life.

I pray for those who don’t have a home, food to eat or water to drink…
What do you want to pray for everyday?

You can pray for what’s on your gratitude list.
You can pray for what you need help and guidance with.

You can pray for what you don’t have and would like to have.

You can pray for a sick friend or family member to get better.

You choose what you want to pray for.

For parents, I guide you to get your kids to pray as well… starting them young creates a habit and gets them to appreciate life more as children.
Enjoy your prayer everyday.

Do you read your bible everyday?

It can help you learn about life today, how to pray, why to pray, what to pray for.

Prayer makes you feel:

More equipped.
Like you have more patience.
More fulfilled.
More at ease.


Do you want to feel more fulfilled and complete?

Do these 4 things and you will be a new person.
You’ll want to conquer the world!


Enjoy and make your day amazing, because only you can!!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned from it and that it will let you grow.

If you have any comments or questions, always feel free to comment or email me.

Thank you again!
Nancy Baki

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