Rules of Life and Business 20/50:  Solitude is a need for each one of us. 

Rules of Life and Business 20/50:

Solitude is a need for each one of us. 

It’s a great tool to learn to self heal, self discover and self focus. 

Being alone sometimes seems scary, but it’s only because the society makes it seem so. 

People think that spending time alone can be selfish, boring or unproductive. 

It’s the actual opposite when you understand what it can bring you and how much happier you’ll be.

You’ll notice that in your life and in your business, you’ll have positive changes that will just flow easier. Your concentration will be stronger. Your focus will be stronger. 

When you actually learn to spend time with yourself you’ll discover so many things about YOU. 

For me when I’m alone, I’m not really alone. God is with me where ever I go. 

For many, alone means feeling lonely. 

If this is you, your lonely because you have no plan.  The good news is that it’s NEVER too late! 

Once you talk with someone that wants you to succeed, just from the first conversation, you’ll learn a lot of your potential. 

The problem that people are facing today is that they are not talking to the right people. 

Negativity is surrounded, especially when there’s no motivation around. 

Why do I say that solitude is important and a necessity?

Solitude enhances your creativity. 

Solitude takes you away from the everyday traffic, kids, family, responsibilities, everything you do everyday. 

You are more focused. 

You learn to take problems and find solutions in a better state of mind. 

You need a break from it all. 

Don’t you think???

This is why solitude is a need, it needs to be part of your routines and life. 

What’s important to remember is that for you to be happy and live life in peace, you need to know what your purpose is, what your passions are, and who can you serve?

When there’s chaos in life and business, nothing gets done the way you want. 

If you feel like your a battery that is drained out, it’s now time to help you start getting your full energy back and your battery fully recharged. 

Are you ready?

Let’s start working on YOU!

How to start spending time with yourself:

Step 1
, start in baby steps if this is the first time you spend time with yourself alone. 

Don’t rush into anything, no one is rushing you. It’s not a race. It’s YOUR LIFE.
You’ll find your speed that you are comfortable. 
Most important is that you spend more time with yourself every week. 
If your always with people, block yourself minimum 30 minutes in your first week to be with YOU. 
No matter what, you cannot change that appointment with yourself. 
Important DO NOT replace it with anything else. 

This is where you’ll notice that if you want it THAT BAD, you’ll ensure you take those 30 minutes for you. 

***Tip, if you can handle more time, PLEASE DO IT!! 

Step 2
, now it’s time to figure out what you’ll do in these 30 minutes. 
What do you love to do?
Read a book?


Watch a movie or tv series?

Take a walk?

Go for a swim?

Favorite music?

Have a project you’ve wanted to start for a long time?

Do you love to draw or paint?

Do you have a pet that you haven’t spent time with? … go to the park and play ball or frisbee or throw a stick.
This time you have put aside for YOU, is yours. It’s time you have allocated for your self heal, self discover and self focus. 


Step 3, now it’s time to understand what you’ve done, what you’ve learned and what you’ve discovered. 

Go buy a 200-300 page journal book (you can find them for 2-3$). 

Every time you air the time for you, go and write. Mark the date, and write about your time spent alive, what you loved, what you didn’t love, what you’ll do next time, any thoughts that come up. Just write. 

You can even write a list of all the things you want to do with your free time. Write whatever comes up in your mind!

I really hope that this has helped you. 

You can comment or email back to let me know how it went for you! 

Looking forward in hearing your great news and all that you’ve discovered!

Make the rest of your day and week great…. because ONLY YOU CAN!!

Thank you for reading, see you next time!
Nancy Baki

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