Rules of Life & Business 18/50: Everyone you encounter has their own journey; don’t judge them.

Rules of Life & Business 18/50:

Everyone you encounter has their own journey; don’t judge them, love them and pray for their peace and happiness.

We have all done this before in our lives.

Why do we do judge and look for people’s faults?

Judging is a sin.

Telling people that they can’t do something is judging them.

The reason I believe in this is because I’ve been taught over the years that anyone can do anything they put their mind to, as long as this is what they want, it will get done.

Always keep in mind, every person that you encounter has an amazing gift to offer you, the question is more are you willing to receive it?

If someone judges you, it’s up to you to be strong and believe in yourself.

Only then you will understand that if you don’t want it done to you, don’t to it to another.

Sometimes people judge themselves and don’t even realize what they are doing.

Believe in yourself and know you are an amazing, extraordinary and a fabulous person no matter what.

You were put on this earth to enjoy life, serve others, overcome your challenges no matter what comes your way.

When you resent yourself, unfortunately most people will find something to judge themselves about.

It could be that you met someone that is very successful; and since inspiration is a much more effective motivator than competition, you’d be more likely to experience success if you got inspired by other people’s victories instead of wasting time finding their faults.

Don’t you think?


What to do:

Learn and grow from people that you meet instead of judging and being jealous.

Most judgements of others and self are the ego strategies that help you avoid having uncomfortable feelings.

Most important is that you learn to be aware of where they come from and how they can lead to having negative contexts in your future.
Talk to someone who cares about you, someone who does not judge people, they will help you find by talking with you where it’s coming from.

A coach is usually the best way to go because they have the right strategies to help you on your way to no judgement, more self love and self understanding.

Use your judgment of others as a mirror to show you how your own mind reacts.

Open your eyes and be aware that every person’s reflection can become a valuable gift in your life, making each person you encounter a teacher and a blessing.

Work on this:

-Don’t judge yourself
-Keep an open mind
-Look at the good of people
-Look at your own behaviors, reactions and emotions
-Love yourself unconditionally
-Feel great about yourself
-Know that you are amazing, extraordinary and fabulous no matter what’s in your way.
-Give people the benefit of the doubt
-don’t take anything personal…..

Because when someone judges another, it’s not about you… it’s about their own reaction to themselves. It’s not about judging you, it’s about them judging themselves.

Make it a fabulous and successful day because only you can make it happen!

Thank you for reading 😊

Nancy Baki

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