Rules of Life & Business 17/50:You must create your own space around you in the present moment

You must create your own space around you in the present moment. You’ll then recognize the abundance you have discovered, produced and achieved.

Your space is what you create in the present moment. This present moment is your moment to create your own space and be renewed.

Creating your own space gives you room to do more than you can ever thought you could.

Sometimes in life and business, we don’t create any of that space in the present moment around us to be able to recognize what is right in front of us.
In many aspects you will notice by doing this, you’ll increase in your learning, you’ll have a decrease in your stress and anxiety, and you’ll recognize your creativity, focus and confidence.

Taking action is highly valued. It’s how your desired impact comes to life.

This is what I do as a business coach, I guide and support you to see what’s standing in the way of accessing and creating your own space.

Only then you’ll notice when you are clear  your business is on solid ground. You’ll be in alignment with what is true for you. And the clients that resonate with your truth are drawn to you.

When you are clear and focused, your business is on solid ground. You are more aligned with what is true for you.


What to do:

To attract the right person in your life or the right business partner, or taking the right decisions and actions in your business all depend on you.

To create your space around you, take some time, with no interruptions to do some deep focusing and learning about your authentic self.

Start by closing your eyes, taking deep breaths, and relax ; you can use meditation methods if it helps.

Find your space to focus and listen to you. Feed yourself the right spiritual food to align yourself to do this properly.

Letting go of your ego is also very powerful. Allow to receive willingly from your own self.

You will recognize as you do this more often and learn more about you and your business, you’all be more focused and task oriented.

Take responsibility of yourself.
Don’t be ashamed.
Don’t criticize yourself.
Be you.

Whether it’s your life or business, recognize where your communication needs improvement and clarification.

Only then you’ll notice the behavior management skills that need improvement.

When you recognize what’s stopping you or slowing you down, it makes it easier to focus on the right solution and the steps to get there.

Be specific, focused and recognize what you want to manifest.
Be what you want to attract.
Know that you are limitless.
Never doubt yourself.
Create your vision in the present moment, not in the past and not in the future. Right here, right now, in your present moment.

Make it an amazing day, because only you can!

Nancy Baki


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