Rules of Life & Business: 15/50: Once you have objectives Everything is possible

Rules of Life and Business 15/50:

Once you have objectives, Everything is possible and nothing is impossible.

When you have no objectives, everything is impossible and nothing is possible.

Do you have objectives?

If you look back, do you realize objectives not written down were not achieved to your maximum potential or not at all?

As a business coach that is one thing that is very important.

It all starts with your goals and objectives.

What is it that YOU want in your life and business?

Having objectives makes life and business more interesting and exciting.


What to do:

Here’s a good step how to start …

Be in a relaxed position

Close your eyes

Think… 5 years from today where would you like to be?

Would you like to increase your business revenues by… $$ ?

Would you like to double your revenues every year?

Would you like to increase your sales team by…?

Would you like to start a business now and grow it to …$$ ?

Always be in the present moment when you write down your objectives.

You can use:   I am…. I have…

Write it as if it’s already 5 yrs from now, what have you accomplished?

Be very specific with your answers with your numbers and dates.

After you have determined your objectives,

now it’s time to work on them.

This is where a businesses coach comes in.

You have 2 choices from there…

1- Have a business coach guide you all the way and supporting you till the end.

A business coach will help you achieve extraordinary results where it’s all about you winning.

A business coach will ensure you achieve your results faster than you ever thought you could.

I talk super quickly in this video, but here are all the amazing reasons to have a coach:

Or the other choice:

#2 is to do it on your own

That is absolutely achievable, the difference is the speed process and the support and everything you just heard on the video about What is a business coach and it’s importance to your business.

If you are ready to take action, email me or connect with me on any social media.

Let me know your objectives if you already worked on them and leave me your contact info with your availibilities to give you a free coaching session to show you how I can help you reach your objectives.

Make it an amazing day, because only you can!

Thank you!

Nancy Baki

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