Rules of Life and Business 13/50: Life is an Opportunity Everyday- Benefit from it!

Rules of Life and Business 13/50:

Life is an opportunity every day, benefit from it, never waste it, God has given you each a special gift, use it everyday.

Do you know how lucky you are to be here today?

Do you know how many opportunities are surrounding you everyday?

Everyday there are many different opportunities that come your way. Open your eyes and look around you.

God has given you life on earth to enjoy and maximize your potential everyday.

Do you use your special gifts everyday?

Do you know that you can change your and other’s lives and businesses just by opening your eyes and seeing the light?



What gifts do you have?

What are you good at?

What do you LOVE to do that can help another?

Never waste a day

Everyday is an opportunity

Remember today is not the same as yesterday

Today is a brand new day

Today can be as boring as yesterday, unless you decide to take action on this new day

Think of today as a new drawing, you add the coulours and you add the stars.

At the end of your drawing, the sun will shine brighter than yesterday.

You need to allow it to, without blocking your own way.

Don’t let anyone be in your way

Because today is your day of opportunity.

Stay in the present moment, forget about yesterday and remember, today is a brand new day to grow and learn more about you.

Climb the mountain you’ve never climbed

Never give up

Keep climbing

To get to where you want to go.

Just do it!


Make it a fantastic day because only you can!


Nancy Baki


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