Rules of Life & Business 12/50: Find your own inspiration and creativity because no one else will do it for you

Rules of Life and Business 12/50

Find your own inspiration and creativity because no one else will do it for you; you’ll love life so much more.

Do you find your own inspiration or creativity? Or do you copy another person’s?

You’d be surprised how much you have inside of you. Many forget that you are put on this earth with the ability to do whatever you want to do. The only thing you need to do is go learn it, talk to the right people and go and do it.

Yes you are right, when you are on your own it’s not easy, I know I’ve gone through that.  Having a  business coach is what helped me move from my comfort zone and everyday habits to a new and transformed person and a business filled with passion.

Your Creativity and Inspiration are the source of any new life and or business idea and brings out your talents and gifts.

You’d be surprised, but the most successful people in the world understand the sources of inspiration. They know how to create incredible moments where their creativity flourishes, they know that it takes a lot of determination, productivity and a lots of hard work.



What you need to do next:

If you want to be inspired there are so many things you can do to start.

– follow talented businesses

-learn something new

– talk to people you don’t know

-talk with someone who already inspires you

-start a new activity



-take a long walk

-where can you think alone and peaceful? Do you have a special place?

Find the right place for you

** Very important that you do not do something at the same time to distract your creativity and inspiration, for ex: don’t read the newspaper or watch tv at the same time doing these.

Remember something, that stroll you are taking or sitting by the lake, is  not the motion to get you creative and inspired. You must do something, think, open your mind, go where your mind hasn’t taken you before…

All creative people I know didn’t just sit there by the lake and automatically got inspired with a new idea lol. They do this on a daily basis, it’s one of their habits that keeps them growing. This helps them produces new ideas and inspirations on a regular basis until they realize or figure out what works. The hard work that is put in everyday is what excites you to get to the finish line.

All the efforts it took you to produce what you wanted is what excites you to continue.

Your accomplishments are what motivates you to keep on going and never giving up again.

You are born to be original. Be you!


Make your day great, because only you can!


Thank you!

Nancy Baki







One thought on “Rules of Life & Business 12/50: Find your own inspiration and creativity because no one else will do it for you

  1. Nancy William here from Wealthy Affiliate. I just made your acquaintance and I am Plumb, Pleased that I did. I know that I am going to benefit greatly by being associated with you.

    To God Give The Glory;
    Praise His Holy Name;
    Your Brother in Christ;

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