Rules of Life 11/50: Love What You Do Everyday

Rules of Life 11/50: Love What You Do Everyday


Do you love what you do everyday from the moment you open your eyes in the morning?

When you go to your job or business do you feel excited when talking to co-workers and / or clients?

Do your co-workers and / or clients feel your energy and passion in what you do?

If you are not, why do you not change jobs or business?

Is it because you think it’s too hard? Think that it’s not possible? Think that it’s not the easy route?

How long are you going to keep up the unhappy job or business when it’s about 8 hours a day… 1/3 of your day…?

If you feel like you can’t change let me show you an easy way to start to work in your passion.

If you love what you do everyday, congratulations!!! The way I can help you is to coach you in reaching more objectives in a faster way, and reaching extraordinary results. I work with businesses that are already in business and are ready to bring their business to the next level, no matter where there business is at. Email me at with your name, company name, What you do and where you’d like to bring your business to, and we can meet together and show you your game plan. I’m offering you a free 1 hour session so you can see how we can work together.

Love what you do everyday

So that people feel your passion

Just by seeing you in action!

By Nancy Baki



What to do next:

Even if you love what you do already everyday, is there something else that you love that you haven’t done in a long time because of excuses?

If you want to make a change here is how I can help you and you can help yourself. My number one mission in what I do is help you get from one place to the next with steps that will change your life and business while loving yourself and your day to the most that you can.

1st what do you LOVE to do? No matter what it is. What do you LOVE to do?

Here are some examples: puzzles, reading, travelling, teaching, running, watching TV, a specific sport, math, travelling, driving, singing, etc…

What do you LOVE?

Some people I meet do not know what they love, many people actually. It’s not a bad thing other than the fact that they have not worked on their hobbies and passions in a long time.

Its time now to start loving what you do everyday no matter what.

To be able to LOVE your everyday you must love what you do.



Love what you do everyday, so that people feel your passion just by seeing you in action.

If you need help on your next step please send me an email, let me know what steps you are at and we will start getting your show on the road. Serious emails only.


Make it an amazing day because only you can

See you tomorrow for Rules of Life 12/50

Nancy Baki

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