Rules of Life 10/50: Teach others what you know

Rules of Life 10/50: Teach others what you know

When someone comes your way do you help them if you can?

Do you take the time to help someone everyday, no matter who it is, someone you know and/or someone you don’t know?

Some of you may think why? And some of you already do and understand why you do.


For your daily satisfaction of achievement

For helping another in any situation needed

To have someone learn and grow

Teach others what you know with your knowledge and different opportunities that come your way, so that you can help another reach their objective or have the the achievement of someone learning and growing because of you taking the time.

For some it will give you gratitude

For others it will help you with your interpersonal skills

For others it will be to strengthen your networking skills

And for others, it’s part of their everyday cause it feels sooooo good.



What to do next:

Did you know that You even learn more and better when you teach people… you hear yourself out loud especially if you are repeating it.

If we all teach others what we know, we would have a smarter world, don’t you think so?

If we all teach others what we know, people would value their life and family life so much more in a positive and fun way.

Take the time everyday to help someone you know and someone you don’t know.

If you see someone in a bad mood entering through the same door smile, hold the door for them, and wish them an amazing day.

If you see your child has homework and needs help, do it in a fun and positive way with the knowledge you have.

If you see a blind person crossing the street, ask them if they need help crossing.

Anything that you can help someone, whether it’s someone you know or don’t know.

Always keep in mind, even when you are in a situation of seeing someone needing aid in different ways, go help, you don’t want to bear the knowledge of what you could have done.

Always remember that what’s obvious to you is brilliant and amazing information to another.

Share your knowledge!

Make it an amazing day because only you can

Nancy Baki


See you tomorrow for 11/50







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