Rules of Life 7/50: Do something Positive Everyday

Do you let the day pass without doing at least one positive thing to keep your smile and strength everyday?

Do you find yourself occupied with different things that keep you away from family time that you’d like to increase, or a business you’d like to start, or start any new venture or goal?

What makes you glow everyday?

Family, friends, hobbies, doing an activity…. what puts a smile on your face?



If you do not take the time to work on you everyday, Take the decision to start right now.

Take a paper, write it in your journal (if you have one already…great job by the way) and write down everything you love in life… no matter what it is, people, things, activities, etc… no matter what anyone else thinks about it, as long as YOU love it!

Now it’s time to take your time to do it. What are you doing right now? Is now a good time?  If not, when, which day and what time? If you haven’t written when you will do it, what’s stopping you?

Another thing that keeps people in a great mood is something that took me a long time to master, but because I have practiced for so many years, it’s now part of my daily actions. Here are a few things you can try:

1- SMILE no matter what, you’d be surprised to see how you and others around you feel when you smile for no reason but to celebrate that you are alive today.

2- SAY THANK YOU when someone does something kind, hold a door for someone, or someone holds the door for you. By thanking them you will put a smile on their face and want to do it again to another person.

3- BE KIND to anyone that comes your way. Keep in mind that when something or someone comes in your life, it’s a test for you. For example, when you are at a door… your thoughts going on in your mind may be “Do I or do I not hold the door for this person behind me?” Just do it. What is it going to take from you… another few seconds and putting a smile on someone’s face and a thank you  to you.

4- As you walk down the street, or waiting in line somewhere, or doing anything that people are around you, SMILE. Smile at anyone, at children is my favorite. They are pure, when you smile at them they usually have a positive reaction. Sometimes I just wave a little hello or smile, especially when they are crying, to change their thoughts… the child appreciates it and especially the adult.

5- Listen to  MUSIC that puts you in a fabulous mood. Change the mood you are in by choosing a type of music that makes you glow, that makes you smile, that changes the mood you are in right now. Don’t play sad music if that’s how you are feeling. Put some up beat music to put you in a fabulous mood.

6- Give someone an HONEST COMPLIMENT everyday. Giving a compliment gives positive surroundings, the person you are complimenting is happy and it makes you also feel amazing!

7- EAT HEALTHY everyday. When I changed my daily food habits, I noticed that my brain thought better, my energy was better, I woke up better, I felt so much better.

8- EXERCISE 3-4 times per week. Sometimes we say we have no time, you need to take the time in your schedule to take care of you. Even if it’s a walk around the block, it’s better than not doing anything at all.

9- When you leave your home, SAY HI to your neighbors tht are outside, ask them how they are doing. This will have you and them smile.

10- Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. I believe calling is the best, they get to hear your voice. If you text or email it’s not the same feeling. The old school way is the best way. See how they and their family are, what they are up to, and let them know you love them. Remember time is ticking away.


Remember that you do these, you will love life more, you’ll love yourself more, you’ll love others more, and you will feel your great energy get higher and stronger. You’ll notice it will be part of your daily feelings.

It’s all about creating daily habits for yourself. Sometime in the beginning it’s challenging, but if you practice everyday, it will be part of your everyday.

Remember when you were young and your parents taught you how to brush your teeth everyday, wash your face and shower everyday, sleep everyday, eat well everyday.

Create new smiles everyday.

Remember your daily tasks may turn to challenges. Learn lessons from any mistake you make so that the next time you do it won’t be the same experience.


Make your day great, because only you can.

See you tomorrow for #8 at

Thank you!


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