Rules of Life 5/50 Make Things Clear and Simple

Hi there! I hope you’re having a marvelous day!

This is the 5/50 Rules of Life.

Do you allow situations or problems, as we call it, kept in your mind?

Why do you not allow yourself to do what needs to get done, make it clear and make it simple and then just do it.

why complicate things?

Why not just find a way to do it and stop having excuses for not getting things done?

It takes hard work, lots of it.

Who said it would be easy?

To get to what you want to achieve is all in your hands.

Find someone that can help you right through from the beginning to a long way.

That is my passion. Helping you through every step of the way.

Sometimes you have Or want to have a business mindset.

It’s all about you and what you want to do.

If you want it so bad and just do not know where to start, we can solve that problem by a phone call. You can make an appointment by email for our call. (

Once you decide that you are ready for your next life venture, I can be there to help you through the way.

Email me your main info, name, email, cel, country, and what situation you are in, where you’d like to go (if you know of course).



What to do next:

-Sometimes we have things that happen in our life, the question is what do we do when it happens.

-instead of ignoring the situation, do something about it, find a solution to take the next step.

-your next step should be to make the right decision and take action.

-by doing this it will help you keep the situation behind you, create a happier, stronger and fulfilled life.

-Meditation is also an amazing way of helping you make things clear and simple. THere are many types of mediation out there, choose one best for you and practice it everyday.

Make it a great day because only you can!

See you tomorrow for #6

Nancy Baki

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