Rules of Life 3/50 Always Make Peace With Your Past and Focus on the Present

Do you always think of the problems that happened yesterday?

Why do people do this?

Does it actually make you feel good?

Do you think it will accomplish something?

How about trying something different today…


What to do next:

-Your need is to forget about the past and live in the present moment

-Express your feelings about the past. Whatever past event you seem to be focusing on, take the time to express your feelings about the event, good or bad or how much it hurts, with people you trust and confide in. This will help you move on to focus on the present.

-Write down your feelings about the past. You can write a journal. My best recommendation would be to buy a 300 page writing book. Start by writing all your past and everything you need to remove from your shoulders.

-Then write a daily journal, of all your good and bad parts of your day, what you did or didn’t do to solve the situation, and what’s your next step. I recommend you write it before you sleep or at the end of your day, let it be a daily habit, let it excite you to write in it.

-Remember your journal doesn’t talk back at you, your journal is only your life’s lessons that you are growing with everyday.


Make it a great day because only you can.

See you tomorrow for #4

Nancy Baki

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