Rules of Life 2/50 Everything Is Possible If You Put Your Mind To It

Every day is a brand new day, what you decide to do every day is only in your hands.

If you choose to do, you’ll move forward.

If you choose not to do, then you’ll stay exactly where you are at today.




What to do next:

-Set a goal and make it happen

-Choose To do it NOW, don’t procrastinate

-It definitely will take work to do, it may be complicated at first, but once you got a hand of it you’ll do it without question.

-yesterday has past, can’t change anything there

-Live in the present moment

-today is a brand new day, what will you do with it to guarantee your happiness?

-the day today will pass whether you decide to make a change or not… why waste your time not doing what you love?

-Choose today to make a difference for you, show yourself how you can be in a better place

-remove Any excuses that come your way.

Anything that is in your way, get it out of your way.


Make it a great day because only you can.

See you tomorrow for #3


Nancy Baki

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