Potion to Overcome Your Fears


Remember that it’s all up to you
You can decide to keep your fears hidden inside and never conquer what you’d like to achieve
Or you can learn about your fears, how to over come them, and how to keep on moving forward in your life ventures. 
For me, the importance of overcoming my fears is my relationship with God. With all the I have learned until today, I have moved on with my fears so that I can be guilded to always keep positive and never let a fear stand in my way. Today, one of the things I do is help people identify their fears and take the steps needed to overcome them and move on. 
One of my students today had many fears. After a few sessions together we were able to define her fears that started from her adolescent years. Most important is that you know where the fear comes from and why? We worked on this together for 1 month, where she had her daily tasks to accomplish. Today she is ready to rock and Roll. 

Are you?

If you need any help please email me at nancy@nancybaki.com

Looking forward to helping you grow! 

Nancy Baki

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