Do You Know Your Why?


This is the MOST important question you NEED to ask yourself!

Why are you here on this earth?

A close friend of mine once asked me about 15 years ago: “If you would die tomorrow, what can you say that you have accomplished in your life and how have you helped others.”

I loved it and still love it. It was one of my main reasons of becoming a coach. The word coach wasn’t enough for me and my vision, so amongst strong business leaders we came up with the perfect title for what I love to do:  Find Your Why Coach; I help those who don’t know where to start, those who want to achieve success and make changes in their life, those who want to strengthen their inner self and become the leader they really are inside.  It’s incredible how it feels when you speak to someone about their situation and they realize that the core issue was not even the one they thought it was. By taking the decision of making slight changes in their behaviours and habits, their lives change dramatically. They develop and grow into a new and better person inside and out.  I get so inspired and enjoy seeing their smiles brighten up the skies and love how our conversations go to another level because they believed and worked on themselves with only a few daily steps that I give each person. Every person is different,  another favorite part of what I do.  Each person has had different pasts, different friends and families, different surroundings, different experiences,  different goals, different accomplishments,  etc.


Most important



What do you want now…what do you want by the end of the day, by the end of the week or month.  NOT what you wanted 10 years ago. Today.

What are things you want in the future from this moment on?

Why don’t you take the time to look at yourself and you will realize what you really want.

Sit and think. Close your eyes,  put some meditation music on and think.  I’ll be here waiting….

If you are blocked try this:

  • what do you need to do for yourself as soon as possible? Write it down.
  • What do you want to do?
  • How will you help others to succeed?
  • After that what is the next important point… the next really important?  Write it down. Continue your list.
  • What do you want and or need to accomplish in the next week and month?  Write it down. Make a different list for each timing goal.
  • Then, what do you want to accomplish in the next year? Write it down. A different list.

I personally use a spiral book, my 8 yr old uses a binder, it depends on how you want to do it. You can use your imagination,  cut pictures out to stick them in their, write things and ad things later  (good use for a binder), most of all have fun with it.

You learn not to let anything or anyone chase your dream away,  you learn to keep going, you learn not to let it stop you, you learn not to let it win, don’t let anything chase your dream.


I read once “children say “I will” and adults say “I can’t”. Why is that?  Because they come fresh from into the world with no corruptions in their mind. We as adults have gone through roads where we have given up, not willing to continue, thinking it would never work,  etc.  Some people dont know how to go to the next step or think they can’t take that next decision of moving forward.

I agree that when saying “I will” instead of saying “I can’t” helps the brain move forward instead of not doing anything at all and giving up.


So back to the main topic. ..



There are many areas to look at:

Your family

Your health

Why do u want what you want ?

Your Why is your emotion of your want.

Why not?

If it was already on your list why haven’t you already achieved it?

Maybe this is the reason why you don’t have certain things in your life

It’s usually something about you

Your mindset,  character, habits, attitudes, etc

Who’s fault do you think it is?

It usually falls back to YOU

Why do you think you are here on this earth?

What drives you?

What motivates you?

What’s your purpose? If you have trouble finding the answer try to think of something that makes you cry when you think about it.

Hopefully your reason isn’t making money.  If it is, ask yourself:

“If money was not existing , what would drive you?”

Is it freedom?

What are your passions?

Do you know that you are fabulous, incredible and amazing?

You need to tell yourself that everyday.

You’d be surprised how much more your confidence will boost and you’ll notice and learn new skills that you had that you never thought you had or could.

What do you love to do for people at no charge because you simply enjoy it and know how to do it well?

Can that be a potential business adventure for you?

Write anything down what comes up in your mind.  Write all your ideas, even if you don’t think it’s a good one, that might be “the one” at the end.

After you have written what your why’s are, let’s take the next step.

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Start by taking your first action and that will have you move forward.

You have to start with a plan for each one.

If you need help with that email me ( and we can do a few coaching sessions together to get you on your feet.

Start writing your plan.  This will take hours, days, weeks. … do not rush this part please.  Without a good plan, taking action and achieving something may take longer than planned

After your plan has been written And we’ll thought out, take the  time to take action on your plan. One step at a time.

You think more than you do. … thinking is mental, doing is physical, think less and do more.

Set yourself up for a win  and success.

Remember, if it’s doable you can and will do it, just start with step 1.

You MUST MUST MUST do this within 24hrs from now.

If you don’t do it now, you won’t do it.

Commit to yourself to do this.

Devote the time to start today!



When you know what your Why is, you’ll know why you do what you do.  You’ll enjoy your life so much more because you have added great meaning, improvement and accomplishment to your every day.

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Looking forward to hearing your comments and questions!


Nancy Baki

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