Do You Have A Coach? Why Everyone Needs a Coach!


Do you have a coach? Do you think you need a coach? Learn Why everyone, including you, needs a coach.


Yes, Everyone needs a coach. Like I always tell people. Even Oprah needs a coach.

My coach, well… she’s more than amazing. Only incredible words can describe her. I have met many coaches,  trained with coaches, worked with coaches, and met many people. She is a wonderful person inside and out. She has put me back on track,  she has showed me the right paths,  she has even given me homework I didn’t want to do but did, I had tough objectives to achieve,I got ready to change my life and business, it worked liked magic.   It’s truly important to love to work with your coach and feel and know that you are moving forward.


First, for clarification purposes, I want to make sure you know what a coach is and how a coach can help you.


A Coach is:

  • One who can help you identify your primary, short-term and long-term goals
  • someone who can teach you what your next steps are to accomplish your goals
  • supports and guides people who want to be taught to make a difference in their life
  • Someone whom you’ll have an informal relationship with, usually one-to-one,  depending on the situation
  • One who must have more experience than you and expertise in what they are teaching you
  • One who helps you focus on identifying your goals, achieving your goals, focusing on specific tasks and objectives
  • One who is task oriented and relationship oriented




Do You Need a Coach?

Like Forbes says:

“If you don’t have a coach, you could be limiting your career success. That’s because coaches help you identify and focus on what’s important, which accelerates your success.”


Don’t wait until it’s too late! Some people take it all in their own hands and fail. It’s more than okay to fail, that is where you learn! One thing you need to remember, a key point to success is to learn from experts, learn from those who have been there, and learn from someone has the experience to help you. This is what will help you get to your next life’s step.

No coach can help you if you don’t decide for yourself that you need one.  I ask all my students before I coach them one important question: If you are serious about making a difference with Yourself, we will be a great team!


One of the best investments anyone can do for themselves is have a coach from the very start of your journey. Of course even if you have started your journey and are blocked somewhere, a coach will help unblock you too.

Like Forbes says:

A good coach is part therapist, part referee, and part advocate for the one party that doesn’t have a voice—your business.


What a Coach Can Teach You and Why You Need a Coach: 

  • Helps you identify your goals
  • Helps you achieve your goals
  • Helps you creating a focus
  • Helps you in aligning what is not moving
  • Helps you focus on tasks and objectives
  • Gives you Positive energy
  • Help you see clearer
  • Helps you identify gaps that need to be filled with the right “food”
  • Must be accountable
  • Must challenge you
  • Teachee you proper tools and techniques
  • Helps identify your “missing pieces of your life’s puzzle”
  • Teaches you to always have a positive attitude
  • Shows that you need to accept both giving and recieving
  • Teaches you new communication habits and strategies
  • Teaches you what you need to know, do and change to get to where you want to go.
  • Teaches you behaviour changes
  • Teaches you to enjoy every moment of everyday to the fullest no matter comes your way
  • Teaches you the importance of loving yourself to the fullest
  • How to handle any conflicts with your emotions
  • Helps you create more structure
  • Helps working you through your opinions
  • Helps your business become more profitable
  • Will teach you how to get rid of negative energy
  • You’ll make decisions together

And so much more…..

These are the main ones I believe are the most important ones 😉

One advice: Get a free consultation with the coach you choose before putting your money out there. You must feel 100% comfortable with the person right from the beginning, if not, keep searching.  You’ll know.  It’s either you felt a great vibe or not at all.




I do give a free 15 minute session to get to know you and your situation quickly, understand what you want to achieve and how serious you are. Sometimes we go over the time, but that’s only because the conversation is going well.

***I always advise you if you decide to book a free 15 minute session with me:

  • first send me your blocked hours of availibilities for the next 48 hours to
  • You will then be receiving your appointment date and time by email.
  • When the date and time is confirmed  together, forward that email to me (to:, please do not forget to mark in the subject line: the date and hour of our session booked and write me detail you’d like to speak about. This way I can look into what your objections are and our 15 minute free session will be more of a learning session


Thank you for reading my article today on  whyouhhhh,!jju B! Make your day an amazing day!


If you haven’t got a coach as yet, Take action Now and connect with me by email.




Nancy Baki


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