Have You Decided on What Are You Doing Differently Than Last Year in Achieving Your Goals?

2016… A New Year For Each and Every One of Us.

Have You Decided on What you are Doing Different than Last Year in Achieving your New or Old Goals?


What was your goal for today?

What are your goals for this week? Next week?

What are your goals for the month of January, February, every month?

Goals are important to set on a daily basis as well as a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Terms should be set by: primary, short and long term goals.  Short term are till the end of the year, while long term can be up to 5 or 10 years, that’s up to you.

First, why are you setting goals? If you have your good enough reasons, you will work harder at achieving them

One of my great mentors, Doug Vermeeren, once said to me: What are you missing in your life that you would do anything to go achieve? This is what will push you harder everyday to reach your goals.

He is right….Back then I wrote down all that I needed and wanted and achieved most of them  I redo another list every year and check up on it once a week or every few weeks, for reminders and to see how close I am getting to reaching my goals.


“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score” Written by Bill Copeland


Please please Please…. WRITE your goals…. Goals in your head and in your imagination will not be achieved. Writing helps: clarifying the details, what plans that must be taken, date specifications and your why’s of your goals.


So back to the main the main question:


Write down why you are setting your goals. Write everything you can think of. Take as long as you’d like. If you’ve never gone through this for yourself, please do yourself a favor and do this first step. You’ll understand why you are doing this and you will learn a lot about yourself.


When you are done please read the following. Take your time, take lots of notes, and start applying them to your everyday. If you need some help please email me to book a few sessions together (Serious emails only, thank you.)

If you have done this any you are satisfied with your responses, you are ready on how to become a PRO at setting and achieving your every goal.




1- Clarify your goal(s):

What really matters to you?

What do you really want to achieve?

In what timeline do you want to complete it?

Are there steps you need to take to reach your goals?

If yes, what are they?

Are they realistic?

Can you achieve them in the timely manner you have written?

Be very specific with the detail.


For example, if you want house, be more specific:

“I want to build my house, starting construction in the month of March 2019 and live in it by August 2019. My house will be in the city of _______, the waterside view will be in the back. And the mountains view will be in the front. My house has 4 floors. Each room description, color, furniture, you can go as far as the brands, colors and pictures of dishes in your kitchen and the type of clothes you may want in your walk in closet that is a room that is 15×10 feet, type of finish, how many shelves, is there a mirror, where, etc…..”. Describe every room with as much detail as possible using pictures online, magazines, etc. We have a binder with all our details. Every person should have their own binder, even if it’s a couple. What I like about the binder choice is that when we see new designs or extras, we can just add a sheet in between. You can make a plan, like a draft of the house, and have your descriptions in another section of your binder

It’s ok to change your goals from time to time  what’s important to you now May and may not be important to you in 6 months or 5 years from now. If the plan you did to achieve your goal didn’t work, keep your goal and change your plan. Your decision was already taken to achieve the goal, but if you’ve made mistakes in your plan or the plan just didn’t work, replan with the new knowledge you have”.

If you have any questions do not hesitate in writting in the comments below and I will answer it so that everyone gets to learn too 😉


2- Move forward towards achieving your goal(s):

You want to get to the stage where when your mind is set to something, it gets you excited and you work so hard to achieve to goal that motivation starts to rise….. Woooohoooo that feels good!!!! I can’t wait till you feel that, if you haven’t already  it’s actually fun in my book ☺️


Focus on your goal. When you see the detail and visualize the goal you more connected within yourself.  This creates a stronger energy level within your inner self , your motivation gets higher and your speed to reaching your goal may be faster than you think. It all depending on your answers to all the above.

Measuring your progress is important. If you wanted to reach a goal in 3 months and a year later you are not even close, there is one main reason.

It’s either: you didn’t follow up on your dreams because they were not really what you wanted. OR  you were not motivated enough to continue in reaching your goal.  OR  You didn’t know how to reach your goal.

***if you need help with any of these steps, please email me and we can start working together in helping you get where you want to go, by starting with these steps. (Serious emails only, thank you)

You’d be surprised how much inner power you have within yourself. I read this once online: “Your conscious mind is your “head office” of your life.”  The role it plays is to get the information, identify it, analyze it, compare it to other information, and finally, choosing which actions you will take.


3- Believe in Yourself:

For me, setting goals was a challenge on achieving goals I never thought were possible, especially by me. If you have developed negative feelings in believing in yourself, you will need to realize that you are more beautiful on the inside and outside than you think  (Another thing we can work on together if you need some help with this, email me). You need to be in a place where all the amazing things you posses and all the beautiful things you can offer to make a better world.

Believe in Yourself. Build your confidence or strengthen your confidence if you already started.

Push past your discomfort ways, go learn and grow new methods on how to move away from your discomfort.  Remember what strategies you took that worked for you.

Never worry what other people think, if people try to put you down you must be strong and not accept it or nor allow to slow you down.  Most important is that you are moving towards a positive and forward direction.

If you learn new habits along the way, stick to them, learn from them, teach them to others, and ofcourse make sure you never go back.

Sometimes you need to take chances, never let that fear you. Strengthen yourself to accept situations you may not know the outcomes. Learn to fail and make mistakes. The more mistakes you make, the better you will be at it at the end.




4- Focus on each goal:

I saw this once online:

F: Follow

O: One

C: Course

U: Until

S: Successful


It’s very important that you don’t run and focus on too many goals at the same time. You want to maximize your time with each goal to make sure you do your best with each.

If you haven’t followed one course until successful you will have changes to make:

  • maybe you are having trouble working on your goals, maybe you don’t know where to start
  • Maybe you never work till the end, maybe you are giving up easily
  • Maybe your goal’s why is not strong enough for you
  • choose one huge main goal: YOU MUST break the huge goal into smaller goals so that you are more inclined to work on them
  • create a plan for each of those smaller goals. Then all you have to do is follow the actions you have planned for the day. You can even write down when the best time of your day it is to work on your goals. Write your plan when you write your goal. This will help create a positive energy and momentum.
  • Track your results: this helps you focus on your goals. If you do not focus on the series of benchmarks to measure your success rate of each goal, then you are not knowing your achievements and how little you have left to reach your goal. Evaluate your progress, day by day, hour by hour. You must organize your time. The trick is: the clearer and more specific your measures are, the faster and more accurate you will be in reaching your goals.  “Seeing your progress is key, it increases your motivation” By Nancy Baki
  • Sometimes you will notice that you are creating your own system for each plan you have. Never forget them, you will be using them a lot in your future goals.
  • Lastly, be very clear on WHY you have these goals. If you keep giving up on your goals then your WHY is not strong enough.

“While working on achieving your goals, do not let any obstacle come your way, let your Why’s be strong enough to motivate you more than you ever thought you could.”  By Nancy Baki



5- Will help you Learn to say NO and Work on YOU:

I used to say yes to everyone and everything that would come my way. Please do not do the same I once did.

Learn to SAY NO

Nevet put your goals aside for other people.  It might sound harsh, but really it isn’t. Yes of course, family comes first. What I mean is its ok once in a while, but if it’s all the time and you never put time towards your goals, we will seriously have to have a few sessions together (email me) to be able to work on YOU for a change.

You can’t put your life on hold to help others when you are not helping yourself.

Just do it. I promise your goals will be achieved faster when you have your mind into it.



6- You need to be accountable:

I mean this in 2 ways:

a) number one, number one, number one: you must be accountable to yourself. This is what will help you choose between the right and the wrong reason for many situations in your life (not only for your goals). By being accountable to yourself you are staying true to your own desires. By doing this you are becoming a stronger leader every day.

If you….

  • have the right mindset
  • your habit(s) is your priority
  • you keep a daily journal
  • you challenge yourself daily
  • set deadlines
  • reward yourself for reaching goals
  • delegate responsibility to the right people when needed



b) number two: have someone in your life, family, friend, coach…. Choose someone to be your accountable buddy, who will guide you and help you in your challenges please ensure it is someone you will learn from, look up to and count on during hard times. If you need some help please email me and we will look at your situation in depth together to see how many sessions we will need to help you move forward and so much more. For this to work well, you must:

  • meet or talk regularly
  • respect confidentiality
  • take lots and lots of notes
  • always think how to help others (My number one favorite!!)
  • make commitments
  • be clear about your expectations
  • be completely honest with yourself and with your buddy
  • agree on consequences
  • Take personal responsibility
  • make sure they know what motivates you
  • Make sure they are challenging

These are the top things I feel you must do when having a buddy (I can be your buddy, but I will warn you in advance, you have to work hard with me. You can’t give up… Email me if you are REALLY serious)



7- Love and live life to the fullest:

By setting your goals you are helping yourself be more organized with your time and your resources so that you can do the best and get the best out of your life. If you do not love life to the fullest, let’s talk (email me).

Getting the most out of your life is very important because the clock is ticking. This moment will not come back ever again. It is lost. Why waste time. You have this life to live right now…. LOVE AND LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST!! Enjoy what you have, where you are and who you are. Life is short. One day you’ll wake up to say “I wish I did this back then….” Why put yourself through that!

Here are some tips:

  • live every day with a fresh new start
  • be prosctive
  • SET GOALS!!!
  • live for yourself
  • Live for others too 😉
  • never be jealous
  • be true to yourself
  • dont complain
  • Fail and learn from your mistakes
  • dont concentrate on things you can’t change
  • change things you can change for the better
  • take care of yourself, health wise, emotional wise and mind wise
  • learn everyday (one of my top favorites…)
  • love your work (also one of my top favorites…)
  • always prepare yourself to win!
  • THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!!!!! I’ll write a blog soon only on this topic … Stay tuned 😊



Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog!

This year you will get a lot of information out of me 😉 I have learned so much in the past many years through my mentors, my coaches, my family and my friends that it is time for me to share my knowledge.

Coaching and teaching people is my passion. My number one goal : is to help many people succeed and move forward in their life to love life to the fullest. I am a “FIND YOUR WHY” coach and mentor! Follow me on social media to get inspired everyday.



Thank you for following me ❤️


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