Press Release for May 30th in Montreal with Doug Vermeeren, Suzan Hart & Nancy Baki



Learn the secrets of the millionaires with Doug Vermeeren, who will be in Montreal May 30th at the Ruby Foo’s Hotel.

Doug, a financial expert and author of multiple books on wealth creation, is The Business Sales Expert on FOX, FOX Financial, ABC, CNN, CTV & CBC.

Doug, known as the “The Modern Napoleon Hill”, has conducted extensive first hand research into more than 400 of the world’s top business achievers.

For those who don’t know Doug Vermeeren, he is a known figure in the business world because of his bestselling book Guerrilla Millionaire and his contribution to the Guerrilla Marketing Series. His knowledge on financial matters and his personality got him featured as the top expert on more than 100 TV shows (ABC, FOX, FOX Financial, CTV, CNN, CBC), radio programs and magazine articles. His main subject revolves around financial freedom and the creation of wealth in our economy.

Douglas Vermeeren has. He understands how to help business owners just like you create massive success. His expertise has been featured on FOX. FOX business, CNN, ABC, NBC, CTV and more! Trust the name the experts look to increase their sales, productivity and results.

The event will be a 1 day seminar which will include sales training (how to prospect, how to close and ask for your sale, etc…), strategies to take your business to over 1 million $, how to be a top achiever and much more. It will also feature 2 guest speakers that will tackle subjects such as leadership, motivation, and understanding your Why’s of life.

Suzan Hart, a master trainer and coach, will be discussing the topic: “Leading With Character”, which is also the name of one of her books.  She ignites the spirit of each person she encounters to take bold action, push past their fears, and creates abundance with ease.

Nancy Baki, born and raised in Montreal, will also be one of the speakers.  She will be talking about “Finding Your Why’s in Life”, she’ll will help you find your life’s purpose; when you do that, you can’t help but be happy because your approval comes from inside and not from outside and your passion will become so strong that you can’t help but move forward in life.

At the end of the event, the attendees will also have the opportunity to have a private session with Doug Vermeeren.

This event is a unique chance to hear Doug Vermeeren in Montreal.  Doug is Canadian from Calgary, he coaches all over North America with his Monthly Millionaire Mentor program. This is his 2nd time in Montreal, the first time he performed at an event as well did a talk at the TedX Montreal.  We are working on Doug returning to Montreal in the fall.

Being a unique chance to listening to Doug, he will teach you how to find qualified prospects and increase your profits. He will teach how to close and ask for your money! You’ll learn how to transition from the emotion of selling to the logic of closing. As well you’ll find out the top 3 mistakes most sales people make that keep them from increasing their sales.

Doug Vermeeren and the other speakers will be at the Hotel Ruby Foo in Montreal May 30th from 8am-4pm with a 5-8pm mingle together. Doug will be present for the entire day, as well as private sessions on Saturday May 31st.

Any guests who would like to have lunch at the restaurant next door (cost of 20$ tax and tip included) we will be featuring Doug’s movie “The Gratitude Experiment”.  Doug and the other speakers will be attending the lunch as well.

The full program can be found and tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.

Seating is Limited, Reserve your spot today. There will be give aways of CD’s and book from Doug Vermeeren, and plenty of more surprises.


If any media wishes to interview Doug, Suzan or Nancy, please feel free to contact Nancy to arrange.

Event Planner & Media Relations

Nancy Baki





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