Streams In My Desert (World Day of Prayer 2014)


The Streams in my desert (World Day of Prayer 2014 Montreal)
What if we begin our conversation at the well…right here, right now?
My name is Nancy Baki. I am a 36 year old Egyptian woman who grew up in Montreal.  I am also a single mother with a 6 year old daughter who is a true blessing in my life. Like the woman at the well, my life has not been easy.
I went through hardships and personal experiences that I thought would never end.  I always felt overburdened by my sufferings and thought no one  would truly understand.  The major cause of my personal pain was perceived failure.  Whether it was the fear of failure or the rejection I encountered, I became insecure and depressed.
I always wondered why I was  experiencing so much adversity  – things were happening that I did  not want. For example, meeting the wrong men and women, going to the wrong places, doing the wrong things, what was I was seeking that kept me in the desert? I was always so very thirsty – unsatisfied. I would ask myself “is this the life I was meant to live?”
Today I understand why I was experiencing all those terrible moments. God was not a part of my life because I had never asked him to be. I realized that just going to church once a week was not being a Christian. What I needed was to have a personal relationship with Jesus my Savior who had died for my sins.
In February of 2011, I went to Florida on vacation with my daughter to visit my parents. I was eager to go to the beach, I was looking forward to not hearing the phone ring or seeing a computer for at least a week. One Wednesday evening my mom asked me to go to their church, I thought my mom was losing her mind, I actually got upset with her and said ” mom I’m on vacation why would I want to go to church”.
My mom said she wanted me to see the church she and my dad attended, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. She tried to make it interesting by talking about the church’s activities to further encourage me to go to church with them. She said “There’s a nice park for my daughter, beautiful grounds, a restaurant, and so much more”. My daughter’s eyes lit up with excitement at the word “park”. Only because my daughter was so excited and because I knew how much it would mean to my parents, I agreed to go.
That was the best decision I ever made. It changed my life. It’s funny how one thing can change your life journey so completely.  Like the woman at the well, I had my encounter with Jesus that day. God, literally gave me a new direction from that moment on. Everything changed, my lifestyle, my friends, my relationship with my daughter, my relationship with my family and most importantly my relationship with God.
 Now I understand that Christianity is not about going to church once a week, it’s about having a personal relationship with God every minute of every day. I learned that Our God is a God of second chances.  In spite of the wrong choices I made He forgave me when I asked Him for forgiveness. ”.  I now know that God has an amazing plan for me and that he is bigger than any problem I can have. He is my stream in the desert!
And yes I may still go through difficult times, but God will be with me because I chose to ask Him to be a part of my life. He promised  in  Matthew 11 “ Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
Because I have received the living water, like when Jesus spoke to the woman at the well about, I want to share it with others. I now dedicate my life to this through opportunities that come up in my work of empowering, coaching or counseling others so that they can find that joy and happiness that we were meant to have.

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