Empowering Yourself is very important everyday…. Be Happy NO MATTER WHAT!

2013 Jan-Feb 120

Think about this… If you are not happy every day, you have to turn yourself around and be happy every day, so that you can move on from the ‘problem’ you are facing and live the inspired life you are supposed to be living… like a King or Queen on your own thrown. Many will say ‘I Can’t’ …that actually means that you don’t really want to get out of the ‘problem’ that bad… You need to stop carrying that heavy bag everyday (your stress, your health, your financial situation or problem, your family or friends, abuse, etc…), Even the problems that you cannot get rid of (for example: sickness, death, etc…) You need to take it and throw it in the invisible garbage. Meaning… You need to be able to focus on it not being their so that you are able to focus on the things that move you forward…to get where you want to go. You still need to deal with ‘your bag’…meaning you have to take care of the situation (ex: pay your bill, or help a sick one, eat well, make more money, stress, etc)…a simple thought is getting rid of the habits that make you that problem…and getting new habits that make you better.

If you need help with this I can take you to another level of you that you may have not imagined would ever see, You need to focus on you and what you want to achieve in life… One step at a time is all you can do. Message me and we can take it from there… Looking forward in making you smile more everyday…

Thank you for reading

2013 Jan-Feb 286

TIP #1 : Don’t forget to be thankful for all that you have everyday:

Be thankful for everything, your health, your wealth or soon to be, your family,  that you have and pray for what you want everyday. Pray for those who are sick to get better, and for the homeless to strengthen and start a new life, pray for your children to help you more in the house, or have better attitudes, or get to know God more to help them with their everyday even when you are not around, so much to be thankful for

TIP #2: look in the mirror a few times a day and say out loud what you want in life (sounds a little weird… but it actually works :)). Just try it (of course you must do something about it to get to it… I will show you how… let’s talk) One thing that I learned from the Millionaire Minds Conferences was read your affirmations out loud everyday and believing  that you can make it happen.

Make it a great day

God Bless

Nancy Baki

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2013 Jan-Feb 284

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